I’m Jess, and I’ve been doing work experience with Sherbert this week. It’s been great so far, everyone is really nice and has made me feel at home! I’m also learning lots of details and methods about the process I didn’t know before. They asked if maybe I could write a blog about what it’s like being a teenager my age…So here it is!

I’m in year ten doing my GCSEs at the moment, which is very hardcore, it’s nice to do something so different, as well as something that will actually help me in the future, because I want to be a market researcher. I’m 14 at the moment, but I’ll be 15 soon on the 3rd of June. I don’t think I’ll feel any different, in a way I could already be 15, but the good thing is I’ll be able to watch 15s in the cinema now, Yay!

For my birthday I’m having a festival in my back garden! I have a lot of musically talented friends fortunately, so they’re all going to be performing, then we’re having a barbeque and some of my close friends are camping in my garden. I’m eating at Nandos for the first time the next day…I’m pretty excited about that because I want to see what all the fuss is about.

I’m passionate about quite a lot of things, I’m generally a ‘fangirl’. I get easily obsessed, it’s a bit of a weakness of mine but I think it happens to a lot of people my age (but with boys it’s either bikes, music or video games). My latest obsession is probably the Hunger Games, because I read the books a couple of years ago and I’ve been waiting for the movie since then!

But One Direction beats everything at the moment, so I thought I would just tell you about what it’s really like to be such a big fan of something at my age. I used to just have a normal twitter account, but when I started really becoming a fan my friends got annoyed that I was tweeting about them all the time, so I made a fan account, and then I made lots of internet friends through that. Some of them I’m really close to, I have a friend in Norway called Torgunn I talk to everyday and at the moment I’m collecting a big box of one direction stuff she doesn’t have in her country to send for her birthday!

I have thought that maybe part of it is having something to be part of, people to talk to, inside jokes. Fitting in and being accepted is a big part of a teenager’s life, so the fanbase is almost like having an absolutely massive group of friends with all the inside jokes and drama and gossip. If you want to talk to someone there are about a million people you could choose from who know exactly what you’re going through. So, I think it goes deeper than just the five amazing boys, it’s also being accepted in such a big community.

I can’t wait to finish education and get into market research, everyone seems to genuinely enjoy it and they have so much fun even when they’re working hard. It’s been amazing working for Sherbert!

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