So we’re back…a bit soggy round the edges from the torrential rain but we’re back…from presenting at the Children’s Media Conference, in Sheffield; a 3 day conference held this year July 4th – 6th. Over 820 delegates coming to hear, see and network within the world of kids and media on the topic of “Ahead of the Game”; it was a great place to be for anyone in the kids industry!

Sherbert revealed their research into kids and apps for the first time!

Only 6 weeks ago we (in partnership with Complete Control) set out to investigate the current world of apps; what parents (Big Fingers) want for their kids (the Little Fingers) and what kids themselves say they want. We looked at which current apps had ‘staying power’, looked to the future to uncover what ‘we’ as the industry should be mindful of when developing apps for kids this age.

We found some really interesting and invaluable insights…here’s a brief summary of what we talked about, as blogged by one of the CMC writers:

Give us a call if you’re interested in finding out more; we’d love to come and show you (at no charge if you’re not based a million miles away from London) the brilliant film we made of the kids and parents we spoke to, illustrating all the key insights around young kids and apps today.


Here’s some more tidbits we picked up along the way:

Moshi Monsters going tablet based:

The founder of Moshi monsters is also planning on moving a lot more content to the tablet and sees this space as fundamental to delivering entertainment to kids:

Chief executive Michael Acton-Smith announced “We’re hopefully going to launch Pocket Moshi or Moshi-on-the-Move or whatever it’s called in the next few months,”

“18 months ago, we were saying like most people ‘are kids really going to have mobiles? Are parents going to buy £500 iPads for their kids? And the answer is absolutely yes,” he said.

“We really firmly believe at Mind Candy that the tablet device is going to be the dominant form of entertainment for kids over the next few years. As revolutionary and exciting as what Disney did in the 1920s… what Henson did with Sesame Street, and what Pixar did in the film world.”

Apps apps apps:

With the rise in tablets, we’re hearing so much more about apps this year and it feels like tablets are set to become integral part of children’s education as well as their entertainment. Barbie Clark’s research is being taken to the ministers in hope that it persuades them that kids need access to this kind of technology in school –the research itself demonstrated the extraordinary positive impact that these devices can have on kids learning in class!

An interesting fact we remembered; tablets are predicted to outnumber computers in US schools within 5 yrs!

All this technology…is it having a negative impact on kids?

According to the founder of Club Penguin, Lane Merrifield shared his points of view on
how technology has affected young kids today.

  • He said he felt that despite kids playing on apps and games consoles they’re still exhibiting traditional play patterns away from the computer and tablets…
  • And that despite the rise in celebrity culture and some kids obsession with fame that they’re seeing kids being very thoughtful and caring of kids not only in their own countries but also across the other side of the world e.g. when the
    Japan earthquake happened there was a rise in the number of kids wearing red to express their support and sadness at what had happened
  • Technology can increase learning occasions, away from the traditional school based towards more “life learning” opportunities via apps and games that incorporate ‘stealth’ learning that doesn’t necessarily involve explicit numeracy and

We had a great time; thanks to the CMC for having us…we’ll be back for more next year!

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