At Sherbert we have developed a number of tools to enable our clients to better understand their audience.

Sherbert Scoop was setup to enable clients to keep up to date with what’s happening in the worlds of kids and teens.

It’s our ongoing insights programme which spans a 12 month period and is designed to understand everything there is to know about kids’ lives, year by year.

This includes understanding what they eat and drink, what they watch on TV, what they do on the internet and how they feel about their families and friends, among lots of other stuff!

Scoop provides our subscribers with exceptional access to young consumers. After each wave  we publish a complete insights booklet dedicated to the age researched. In addition to this, clients are given a short film, which is produced from video footage taken during the research sessions and have access to the blogs written by the kids involved in the research

The findings from the research are also brought to life in workshop presentations to our subscribers where they have the opportunity to ask questions about kids and teens and utilise our knowledge and expertise.

A qualitative tool designed to gain a holistic understanding of the shopping experience from a youth or family perspective

At Sherbert, we understand a shopping trip for a group of teenagers or a family, is different to how an adult typically shops.

Kids and teens approach shopping with their own set of rational as well as emotive drivers linked to their age and life-stage, which we are perfectly-placed to understand and translate into meaningful strategic insights for our clients

Great for:

  • Exploring how kids and teens navigate and react to the retail environment
  • Understanding response to brands ‘in situ’
  • Seeing the impact of P-O-S and in-store comms at first-hand
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