Suzanne is Sherbert’s self-confessed ‘nosey parker’, who likes nothing better than looking around bedrooms, kitchens or simply speaking to a group of great friends, to uncover the real insight ‘nuggets’ that make a difference to our clients’ worlds.

She has a background of several years in qual research and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from managing projects for many well-known, household name brands. Suzanne has worked across a broad range of areas including NPD, advertising and comms development, retail and shopper and category U&As. In particular, she has worked extensively with food and drink clients in the areas of brand strategy and consumer understanding. Suzanne is passionate about getting to the heart of what makes her respondents tick and bringing clients closer to consumers’ needs and motivations.

With an honours degree in Developmental Psychology, Suzanne joined Sherbert to pursue her love of kids and teens research which she headed up in her last role. Suzanne is responsible for Sherbert’s shopper research, and generally loves to be out and about talking to kids and teens about all the cool stuff they’re into.

In the office, she is known for her love of bananas and never-ending cups of tea! Suzanne also has a niece and nephew under 5 who are her ongoing research subjects!

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