Hopes and worries:
In lower school our worries were focused around the latest gossip, budding relationships, and the most recent fight within a friendship group. Those worries seem minimal compared to those we have now. I, along with many of my friends, am constantly bombarded with information and stress related to the prospect of going to University. University and exams are commonly the focus of conversations; whether they’re with friends, family members or teachers at school. This causes a huge amount pressure, which I believe that people my age are put under, or moreover, put themselves under. Another huge worry for girls my age is related to weight. There seems to be an increasing pressure to conform to the ‘size 0’ look. There are a frightening number of girls in my year who have either had eating disorders or had previous struggles with food. Many girls think the ideal body consists of visible collarbones, hipbones sticking out and even ribs prodding out!

Our hopes tend to be centred on getting good results in school and being able to get the grades to get into University. This links to the prospect of creating a good future for ourselves!

TV interests:
The amount of TV 17 year olds watch varies a lot. Some people are TV fanatics and watch every single soap and reality show, whereas others only watch a few series. There are shows that EVERONE watches though (see below) and with the help of series link and catch up/ on demand we never miss them. Most of the shows we enjoy are on MTV, E4 and E, though we tend to care more about the show than the actual channel they are aired on.

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It is very common with people my age to watch American series ahead of the time they are shown in England.  This is done via websites such as Netflix and other streaming websites such as Cucirca, watchseries and sidereel. Programmes that are commonly watched online include:

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Most 17 year olds love shopping (the girls at least!). There is nothing better than a good trip to Brent Cross or the Harlequin to pick up some of the latest trends. However, a lot of the time we are too lazy to go out to the shops and order our new clothes online. Some people my age are obsessed with designer gear. Gone are the days of Abercrombie and Hollister, now it is all about Balenciaga and Ash boots! There is not as much of a pressure, compared to when we were younger, to always wear branded clothes though, it’s more about looking good and staying in fashion.

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 Going out to eat/drink:

Now many of us can drive, the new exciting thing to do is to pop out to cafes and restaurants with friends. Loads of 17 year olds go to sushi restaurants or out for frozen yogurt. We also love coffee shops where we can sit and have a chat. Places like Starbucks, Cafe Nero and Costa are all great to go to after school or on the weekends to hangout as they are really chilled out and feel welcoming to teenagers.

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