So now all the preparations have been done, the uniforms bought, labels sown, lunchboxes packed, the big farewells said and Mum shedding a tear or two. What has the first few days of school bought?

A hot cup of coffee that actually gets drunk or are you just left with a cup of half empty feelings?

Mums are all experiencing dramatically different emotions but for all, emotions are high.

Here’s a little taster of some classic quotes from Mums we’ve spoken to:

I was in tears for my little one, the first day was so hard, but she was actually fine, so much more a mum issue!”

My baby’s first day at school today, all smiles at home but when I left him he was screaming – torture for me

She is 7 now and has to put on her own skirt on…the buttons are so stiff she has to ask her friends to help her do it up every time they do PE.”

She has eaten pasta and baked potatoes every day since they started, because she doesn’t know how to ask for anything else at lunch…now she is in year 3 and has the choice.”

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