Sherbert Research is one of the few market research agencies in the UK that specialises in qualitative research with kids, teens and the adults in their lives.

We believe that we’re experts in understanding young people and we’re passionate about the work we do!

Sherbert Research is made up of a senior team bursting with creativity and insights into the world of young people.

Our skills and experience are drawn from complementary backgrounds including teaching, psychology, marketing and anthropology.

You can read all about us and see who we are like on the Team Sherbert page!

We work with a broad range of age groups from pre-schoolers to teens and twenty-somethings and the adults in their lives including parents, teachers, grandparents and carers.

We work on both social and commercial research projects – UK based and international – from the very big to the very small, and we love them all.

This means we are able to provide clients with a rounded understanding of young people as we interact with both the serious and ‘fun’ aspects of their lives.

Kids and teens are at the heart of everything we do. We champion their views and opinions and are committed to making the world a more exciting and safe place for them to live.

They love to talk…and we definitely love to listen!

Our Ethical Policy

We’re committed to making the world a better, safer, more exciting place for children to live in. We’re passionate about getting kids input and strongly believe that young people should be consulted and listened to on anything that applies to them.

As having fun is central to childhood, we believe that all research should be carried out in an enjoyable, relevant and non-intrusive style. Sherbert places kids at the centre of everything we do – they are first thing we think of when we’re designing a methodology, picking a place to hold research or writing the discussion guide.

Parents are all important too. They are the first ones to be contacted on every project – no exceptions. All parents are aware of what we talk to kids about, and provide their full consent.

We work with child friendly recruiters who are skilled in finding the right kids for research – those who are comfortable and confident at conversing. If you have any ethical concerns about your research, we’re more than happy to chat to you about our protective policies and procedures.

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